Married Without Kids                                          Series Regular                         Grinnell Morris
For the People                                                           Co-Star                                       Tom Verica
Scorpion                                                                        Recurring                                   Sam Hill
Jane the Virgin                                                          Co-Star                                        Melanie Mayron
Young and the Restless                                        Recurring                                   Various
Dexter                                                                            Large Co-Star                          Ernest Dickerson
Home is Where the Hans Are                          Series Regular-Pilot             Wong Fu Prod/Fremantle Media
Everybody Hates Chris                                        Recurring                                   Ali Leroy and Various
Hot in Cleveland                                                       Co-Star                                       David Trainer
Grey's Anatomy                                                        Large Co-Star                          Jeannot Szwarc
Earth Angels - Pilot                                                 Series Regular                         Michael Miller
That's So Raven                                                         Guest-Star                                Rich Correll
Joan of Arcadia                                                         Co-Star                                        Rob Morrow
Thieves                                                                           Co-Star                                        James Frawley
Law and Order                                                           Guest Star                                  Steve Wertimer
All My Children                                                         Recurring                                    Various
As the World Turns                                                 Recurring                                    Various
One Life to Live                                                         Recurring                                    Various

California Christmas City Lights                  Supporting                                  Shaun Piccinino
A California Christmas                                       Supporting                                  Shaun Piccinino
Building Memories                                                Supporting                                 Geno Andrews
Killer Twin                                                                  Supporting                                  Jeff Hare
The New Normal                                                    Supporting                                  Spike Jonze
FuN?                                                                              Supporting                                  Shannon Van Metre
Soaked in Bleach                                                    Supporting                                  Benjamin Statler
It's a Wonderful Knife                                         Supporting                                  Nick Lines
A Green Story                                                          Co-Star                                          Nika Aglashvili
The Obama Effect                                                 Supporting                                  Charles S. Dutton
Truth Never Lies                                                     Lead                                                Aiken Weiss
AmericanEast                                                           Supporting                                  Hesham Issawi
Pulse                                                                              Supporting                                  Jim Sonzero
The Bellevue Journal                                           Lead                                                 H. William Pisnieski
Obit                                                                                Lead                                                Tommy Jenkins
Stepmom                                                                    Co-Star                                          Chris Columbus

Theatre (Very Partial list)
Laura                                                                              Laura                                             Theatre 40 David McClendon
Spider's Web                                                            Clarissa                                         Theatre 40 Bruce Gray
Lulu's Last Stand                                                    Charlene                                      Theatre 40 Veronica DiPippo             Push                                                                               Brooke                                          Theatre 40 Michael Connors
Dinner with Friends                                             Karen                                             Theatre 40 Laura James
Dangerous Corner                                                Freda                                             Theatre 40 Bruce Gray
Good Thing                                                                Nancy                                            The Hudson B. Swibel
Eric Larue                                                                   Jill                                                     VS. Theatre Co. H. Fine
Who will Carry the Word?                                Madeleine                                  Judith Anderson Ed Berkeley
An Evening of Dorothy Parker                       Lily Wynton                               The Currican Andrea Haring
A Child's Christmas in Wales                          Mother                                          Circle in the Square Ted Mann
Training: Circle in the Square Theatre School, The Barrow Group, Diana Castle, Jeffrey Tambor
Of Interest: Animal lover, Gardener, Golf, Yoga, Tae Kwon Do, Piano, Violin                                                       
Member of Theatre 40 and VS. Theatre
Dialects: Southern, British